Real Pixel VFX give high priority to gratify all your VFX post production and preparatory work requirements. We strive to mesmerize our client with spectacular outputs and provide a sense of security that your VFX need are being handled by an excellent digital post production service. As a small, highly focused team provide service Roto, Paint Matchmove and compositing for Feature Films, Commercials and TV Shows.

"Creativity is a habit and the best creativity is the result of good work habits"


  • Nuke/Silhouette Spline
  • Motion Blur Mattes
  • Channel Mattes
  • Customized Mattes

Real Pixel VFX have team of professional and experienced Rotoscoping technician. Rotoscoping of characters or object to produce alpha mattes for VFX compositing .We strive best output alpha mattes, motion blur, edge to edge and flexibility during compositing.


  • Nuke Script
  • Mattes Render Plates

Green screen and Blue screen keying is the bread and butter of visual effects composting. So we have provided several keying techniques - green screen, blue screen, luma and saturation keys, spill suppression, color correction edge refinement and more.


  • Nuke Scripts
  • Rendered Clean Plates
  • Customized Deliverables

We are expert in Paint-Cleanup services . We has provided different type technique as- Matte Painting environment. As VFX moved into digital age the abilities of matte painting expanded.
So we have camera projection and “3D” projection. Which technique allows artists to put their Painting in “3D” Software and create simple 3D geometry to match the shape of the environment.


  • Maya, FBX or Alembic scene
  • Proxy geometry or detailed set models
  • QC Play blast

Real Pixel VFX has experienced and well qualified in Matchmove. We have working 2D and 3D tracking object and camera tracking. Artists worked meticulous in their work. Without accurate match moving, the later stages of production will not work.